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  • New Products For 2016!

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     Verity Vincent

     CalendarClub Staff

    2016 Products Have Landed! 

    You may be slap bang in the middle of using your lovely calendars and diaries for 2015, but there's no harm in taking a peek at what's on offer for next year! 


  • The Madeleine Floyd Range from Otter House

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     Julia Holding

     CalendarClub Staff


    Madeleine Floyd is one of Britain's best loved artists and her illustrative work featuring the wildlife around her has captured the affection of an even wider audience.

    Her calendars have been favoured for many years and this year joining our stationery range is Otter House's truly stunning variety of licensed products adorned with Madeleine Floyd’s beautiful illustrations.

    The titles I have chosen to feature include stationery from the Chickens and Birdsong ranges which are both sophisticated and contemporary, and perfect for those who appreciate a bit of country chic.


  • On This Day (February 25th) - The Impressionist

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    25th February 1841

    Artist, Pierre Auguste Renoir was born.

    (The Swing - 1876)


    Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir was born in Limoges in south-west France and is best-known for works including "The Swing" and "Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette."

    Inspired by colourism and realism, Renoir loved vibrant, saturated colors and was one of the leading artists of the Impressionist movement, of which he helped launch in the 1870s alongside Monet and Sisley.


  • On This Day (February 3rd) - Celebrate Norman Rockwell's 120th Anniversary

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    3rd February 1894

    American illustrator and painter Norman Rockwell is born.

    "Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed."

    - Norman Rockwell

    Born in New York City on February 3rd 1894, Norman Rockwell is famous for his idyllic portraits of American life.

    Talented from a very young age, Rockwell received his first commission at age 17 and in 1916 created the first of 321 covers for The Saturday Evening Post - the work for he is most famous for. 


  • On This Day (January 23rd) - Salvador Dalí Dies At 84

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    23rd January 1989

    Artist Salvador Dali dies from heart failure at the age of 84.


    Surrealist Salvador Dalí is largely known for his piece ‘The Persistence of Memory’, commonly referred to as ‘the melting clocks’ which he created in 1931.

    Whilst studying at the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid (from 1922) Dalí was drawn to Metaphysics and Cubism which set him apart from his fellow peers. But, after a year of studies 1923 saw the artist dismissed from the academy and arrested for allegedly supporting the Separatist movement.