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  • Meme Of The Week - Houndton Tabby

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    This animal lover has been painting pets dressed as characters from the hit TV series, Downton Abbey... but can you guess who's who?

    The following works entitled "Houndton Tabby" were designed by artist Kim Parkhurst who painted them digitally using a drawing tablet connected to her PC. 

    The inspiration came from her love of drawing and Downton Abbey, which created some barking mad illustrations showing the animalistic side of Downton's most beloved characters. 


  • Meme Of The Week - Carli Davidson "Shake"

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    This week's Meme Of The Week features images of wet pooches, mid shake, and the incredibly funny faces they make. 

    Photographer Carli Davidson captured these images for her new book, "Shake". Her muse was her French Mastiff named Norbert who is constantly shaking his big head, sending drool flying everywhere. She says "It was during one of those moments when I was cleaning that I was like, ‘Oh man, I wonder what this actually looks like... what it looks like when he is shaking his head’”.


  • Meme Of The Week - Dog Shaming

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    I eat bunny poop!

    Since August last year, Dog Shaming has been an internet sensation. We love our dogs, they are our best friends. They are always happy to see us and they always give unconditional love. However, they also eat their poop, dig up the carpet, rip down the curtains and chase squirrels. 

    The idea of Dog Shaming, that was first set up on tumblr, is to post up photos of your naughty pets with a note explaining your crimes.

    Guilty looking pooches have been caught making meals of toothbrushes, sofas, playstation controllers and even Jimmy Choo shoes. While others have been named and shamed for defecating on pillows, on suitcases, in bathtubs and... on other people. 

    The Dog Shaming website,, urges you to laugh through your frustration as that unconditional love mentioned before goes both ways!

    Here's our top 10 favourite doggy confessions from the Dog Shaming website and if you want more don't forget to pick up 2014's Dog Shaming calendar! 


  • Meme Of The Week - Pug Life

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    I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me.

    This week's Meme of the Week looks at the hilarious and utterly cute lives of pugs.

    There's not much to say about this, so here's a mish mash of the funniest and cutest pug moments. Enjoy! #puglife4ever


  • On This Day (August 19th) - Dogs in Space

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    August 19th 1960

    Two dogs are launched in a satellite into Earth's orbit by the Soviet Union. 

    Belka and Strelka were the names of the dogs that are now known as the 'Soviet Space Dogs'. These adorable stray mutts were the first animals to return from an orbital flight alive.


    Now, space travel isn't the only thing that man's best friend has been doing