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  • Easy and Healthy Family Favourites Recipes

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     Verity Vincent

     CalendarClub Staff

    It’s September, the kids are back to school, clubs are in full swing, there’s homework to be done and friends parties to attend.

    There’s also your own workload and social life to balance. With our busy lifestyles does healthy eating sometimes fall to the back of our minds? Throwing a pizza in the oven is just so easy isn’t it? 

    We’ve found healthy alternatives to some family favourites that will still give you and the family a little treat! 


  • On This Day (May 28) : National Hamburger Day!

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    28 May 2014 

    Grab those buns for Hamburger Day! 


    From worldwide chains, to independant gems we find on an unexpected street, burger joints are some of the world's most popular restraunts. 

    To mark this meaty day, I'd like to share with you my five favourite places to purchase a humble burger...


  • On This Day ( March 4th) - Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with these amazing Pancake Recipes!

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    4th March 2014

    Today is Shrove Tuesday also known to most of us as Pancake Day!

    Preceding the first day of Lent, today is the day to stuff our faces full of pancakes before we give up chocolate, crisps or other naughty snacks for the next 40 days. 

    So skip tonight's dinner plans and check out these fun and easy recipes to make with your family and friends!

    The question is do you go for delicious thin and silky french crepes or wonderful fluffy american pancakes?