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  • On This Day (April 22): Happy Earth Day!

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    April 22 2014

    Today is Earth Day 2014.


    First celebrated in on April 22 1970, Earth Day was created by Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin. After witnessing an oil spill in California, Nelson had hoped that his movement would cause people to think about air pollution and force environmental protection onto the political agenda. 

    Coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network, this day is now observed in around 192 countries, with activities going on around the world. 


    The official theme of Earth Day 2014 is Green Cities. The Green Cities campaign is focused on helping cities around the world become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint - check out the official video below!


  • On This Day (March 7th) - Google Doodle Celebrates International Women's Day 2014

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    7th March 2014

    International Women's Day: "'Equality for Women is Progress for All"

    International Women's Day

    Google celebrates International Women's Day 2014 a day early with a special video doodle, featuring women around the world. 

    International Women's Day has the theme "inspiring change", celebrating the social, political and economic achievements of women.


  • On This Day (October 6th) - Mad Hatter Day!

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    October 6th 2013

    Embrace the world of nonsense today with Mad Hatter Day! 

    October 6th has officially become the maddest day of the year, celebrating the iconic Mad Hatter from Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. 

    The day was first celebrated in 1986 when a group of kooky folk from Colorado were inspired by the book’s illustrations by John Tenniel.