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  • On This Day (October 30th) - Jane Austin's Elinor and Marianne

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    30th October 1811

    Sense and Sensibility is released anonymously. 


    Sense and Sensibility tells the story of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. When their father passes away and leaves the majority of his estate to their distant brother John, the Dashwood women, including their mother and younger sister Margaret, are left almost penniless and forced to seek refuge with a nearby relative.


  • On This Day (October 14th) - Silly Old Bear

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    October 14th 1926

    A.  A. Milne publishes Winnie the Pooh.

    Winnie the Pooh is unarguably one of the most recognisable characters in children's literature, along with his friends Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo and Owl.

    Generations of children have loved Winnie the Pooh, the "Best Bear in All the World". 

    Alan Alexander Milne first published the children's book Winnie the Pooh on October 14th 1926 and introduced the world to some of the most popular characters of the 20th century. Since then the books have been published worldwide in over 20 languages. 


  • On This Day (October 13th) - A Bear Called Paddington

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    October 13th 1958

    Paddington Bear makes his debut.

    Paddington Bear featured in more than twenty books written by Michael Bond and was first illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and made his debut on October 13th 1958.

    The polite bear from Darkest Peru, with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffle coat and a love of marmalade sandwiches, quickly became an iconic and classic character from English children's literature. 


  • On This Day (September 20th) - Happy 65th GRRM!

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    September 20th 1948

    A Song of Fire and Ice author, George R. R. Martin is born. 

    Fantasy writer, George R. R. Martin will be celebrating his 65th birthday this year.

    Born in New Jersey, Martin developed a love for writing early on in his life. His debut novel, Dying of the Light was published in 1977, and in 1996 he published his first instalment of A Song of Fire and Ice.

    Martin became a best selling author in 2005, when the 4th instalment of the novel series, A Feast for Crows was released. Then again in 2011 with the 5th, A Dance with Dragons.


  • On This Day (September 13th) - Roald Dahl Day

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    September 13th 1916

    Happy Birthday Roald Dahl. 

    Roald Dahl Day is celebrated on the birthday of the World's No. 1 Storyteller!

    This year Roald Dahl day falls on the same day as Friday 13th which has given the perfect excuse for a theme of mischief and mayhem - even more than usual. The day will be celebrating all the "tricksy characters" from Dahl's stories including George and his mayhemic medicine, the foulsome Witches and Matilda with her "parent-scaring tricks".

    There's lots of fun ways for children, families and schools to get involved on the Roald Dahl Day website.


  • On This Day (August 3rd) - Charles Dickens

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    August 3rd 1861

    Charles Dickens releases the last installment of Great Expectations.

    Fans of Charles Dickens rushed to dive into the last serial installment of the English author's masterpiece, Great Expectations, which was released that day. Divided into nine monthly sections the now novel was first a newspaper publication.  

    The newspaper 'All the Year Round' was co-owned by Dickens and Great Expectations was published from December 1st 1860 to August 3rd 1861. 

    Great Expectations has had many adaptations but the most recent was the 2012 version directed by BAFTA award winning director of Four Weddings and A Funeral and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mike Newell.


  • On This Day (July 31st) - Light Up J.K. Rowling's Birthday

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    July 31st 1965

    Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling.

    Today we celebrate the 48th birthday of Harry Potter novelist J.K. Rowling. Born in Yate, Joanne "Jo" Rowling came from a humble background before writing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first in the epic fantasy series. Her work has been and still is an international hit, selling millions of copies worldwide. 

    The best-selling book series in history was adapted into the film franchise we know and love and has become the highest-grossing film series in history too!