On This Day (May 23) : Eminem Releases 'The Marshall Mathers LP'

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May 23 2000

Eminem releases his third studio album 


Fourteen years ago (yes, this also makes us feel old) Eminem released his third album. 

The Marshall Mathers LP went 7 times Platinum in the UK and Diamond in the US selling 10 million copies! With the leading singles of Stan, featuring Dido and The Real Slim Shady, produced by Dr Dre. The album was in true contorversial style, discussing themes of murder, rape and drugs. 

Stan told the story of an obsessive fan and his letters to Eminem, culminating in his suicide by driving over a bridge with his girlfriend in the trunk. Dido's song Thank You was sampled in the song, giving it an even more sobre and eerie tone, and was dubbed one of the most important songs ever written regarding star worship. 


More recently, Eminem is due to return to our UK shores in July for a rare double performance at Wembley Arena. The one off gig was originally planned for Hyde Park but the artist's permission to perform there was not cleared. Perhaps the outspoken rapper is not looked upon as suitbale for the Royal venue? 

Nevertheless, fans can still get a slice of their favourite blonde haired rapper at the alternative venue, which is set to incluce some special guests. 


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