Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Eurovision Top Five! 

Saturday 23 May saw musical acts from around Europe (plus one special guest!) battle it out in Vienna for the Eurovision 2015 trophy! As lifelong, diehard fans of the show, Australia had expressed interest in participating in the show on numerous occasions. So what better year to offer them a big, sparkly Eur-opportunity than the extra special 60th anniversary show?

As we now know, Sweden took the crown on Saturday for the sixth time with a record 365 points! But what would have happened if the Aussies had won? Aside from the entire embarrassment of Europe, they would have had the privilege of selecting next year’s host country. Sadly, this was probably the UK’s best shot at any sort of win.

The top five winners were a surprising mix of musical genres that showed real growth for Eurovision and its musical credibility... maybe, just maybe!


1. Sweden - Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes

Mr Zelmerlöw gave an impressive performance with interactive video projection, choreographed to a tea! The song itself was, lyrically, what you’d expect from the contest. Uplifting and letting us know that we are all heros. Naww. 

2. Russia - Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices

1.       The pint sized blonde belted out this motivational ballad like her life depended on it! Polina is a well known singer and actress in Russia and seemed genuinely moved that her entry stole second place. Her performance was actually quite ethereal and the crowd seemed to lap up every word.

3. Italy - Il Volo - Grande Amore

You could imagine Simon Cowell's eyes lighting up with potential pound signs as three piece Il Volo sang their harmonious entry, Grande Amore. Much like the UK's Il Divo, it's no surpise that their crisp and bearded look was a popular choice with viewers!

4. Belgium - Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside

Nineteen year old Loïc Nottet reached second place in the 'The Voice Belgique' 2014 and made it to Eurovision's grand final with his own song, Rhythm Inside. With an intense performance, Loic's vocals were on point as he pirouetted and robotically danced around the stage in a contemporary feast for eyes - and the ears! Definitely one to watch for future releases. 

5. Australia - Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again

Without a doubt, the best vocal performance of the night! Australia's answer to Bruno Mars, Guy Sebastian, did his country proud snagging fifth place with Tonight Again - a track that could easily be a worldwide hit. With smoothe, southful vocals and powerful trills, Guy deserved every one of his 196 points. With the pressure of being the only non-European entry in the competitions history it really was an amazing feat to reach fifth place! 

Technically we are now going outside of the top five, BUT, this last entry could not go unnoticed...

6. Latvia - Aminata - Love Injected

Graham Norton introduced Latvia's entry with the comparison of Sia, which was certainly apt as Aminata mesmerised with her rendition of Love Injected. If you take Sia's Chandelier and throw in a bit of FKA Twigs, you may end up with this track. It's dainty, laser enhanced intro booms into the chorus with Animata's immense vocals that could easily sit amongst any dance track in our UK charts. A sixth place well deserved! 

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