Meme Of The Week - Carli Davidson "Shake"

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This week's Meme Of The Week features images of wet pooches, mid shake, and the incredibly funny faces they make. 

Photographer Carli Davidson captured these images for her new book, "Shake". Her muse was her French Mastiff named Norbert who is constantly shaking his big head, sending drool flying everywhere. She says "It was during one of those moments when I was cleaning that I was like, ‘Oh man, I wonder what this actually looks like... what it looks like when he is shaking his head’”.



The photographs highlight the super fast movements that our beloved pets make when they dry themselves off - usually along with a slobber storm that ends up on your carpets. 

"I always had these kind of jowly dogs and I'd have to clean their slobber off the walls," she told The Huffington Post. "Once a month I'd look at the white surfaces in my house and say 'that's gross, I have to clean Norbert's drool.'"

She started off with help from friends and animal rescue charities who pitched in to get some dogs into her studio in Portland, Oregan.

After uploading a few shots to the internet they went viral, and that is where "Shake" was born.

Carli said she was attracted to the bizarre, split-second reaction when our pets shake, what she calls the "moment dogs turn into monsters." (Take a guess which one reminds me of Gremlins!)

Check out more photos from Carli's collection and her incredible slow-motion video below (watch out for the super cute puppies). You can also head over to her website and get a copy of her book, or prints, online. 


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