Meme Of The Week - Funniest Christmas Present Reactions

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So it's nearly Christmas again which means family time, lots of food and... opening presents.

This week's 'Meme of The Week' takes a look at that excited feeling we get when it comes time to open those presents. 

We've put together the best clips on the web that capture that feeling of joy (or disappointment) when ripping open gifts from our loved ones. 

This first one is definitely the cutest, yet definitely disappointing. The video of this kid receiving books for Christmas immediately went viral... “Books for Christmas?! What the heck is that?!”


This little boy thinks he's "King of the World!" this Christmas morning.


The next video shows a compilation of 50 kids' reactions to receiving the Nintendo Wii... 


However this must be the best one:


It's not only kids that get excited. Watch what happens when this guy's wife tricks him, then surprises him with an XBox360.


Finally my favourite... This kid opens this present to find none other than "Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!!!"


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