On This Day (May 28) : National Hamburger Day!

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28 May 2014 

Grab those buns for Hamburger Day! 


From worldwide chains, to independant gems we find on an unexpected street, burger joints are some of the world's most popular restraunts. 

To mark this meaty day, I'd like to share with you my five favourite places to purchase a humble burger...

#5 Disneyland 

 Anywhere you can buy a Mickey Mouse shaped burger, is a winner in my book. Whether you're in America or Paris, these novelty Disney burgers taste so much better than your average round patty. (This has not been scientifically proven).

#4 Shake Shac


Situated in London's Covent Garden, Shake Shack is a modern canteen-style restraunt that offers quality burgers to rival any fast-food chain. With 100% all-natural Angus beef, their signiature burgers can be accompanied by American style cheese fries and a root beer float. Lovely! 

#3 Roxy's Diner



The Strasophere hotel, Las Vegas, houses the incredible Roxy's Diner. With singing and dancing on the tables, juke boxes and the biggest burgers you could imagine!

#2 Ruby Burgers




Being a Devonshire lass, Exeter's finest independant burger place could not go unmentioned. Using only locally sourced ingredients, it's a modern diner offering classic burgers, mini platters, pulled pork, sweet potato fries and the best milkshakes in town. 

#1 Happy Days Diner


With various restraunts scattered around Paris, these 50's themed diners create the best burgers I have ever eaten. With their signiature sauce and continental combo's their menu is as varied as it gets. Queuing an hour to get in was totally worth the wait. 

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