On This Day (December 12th) - Edvard Munch 150th Anniversary

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12th December 1863

Norweigan expressionist painter, Edvard Munch is born. 

Today celebrates the 150th birthday of artist Edvard Munch. 

Born in Norway, Munch was a painter, lithographer, etcher, and wood engraver and was one of the most significatn influences on the development of expressionism. 

From a young age, Munch made room for his own emotional experiences in his art works. Munch's free flowing style and psychological themes were said to be formed from the misery and conflicts of his time and his own unhappy life. Childhood tragedy, dramatic love affairs, alcoholism, and such seem to be reflected in his works, particularly in paintings like The Sick Child, The Scream, and Vampire.

His painting The Scream (The Cry; 1893), is one of the most recognisable works in the history of art and sold for more than $119 million in 2012—setting a new record.

The 150th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated in Oslo with a whole year’s worth of events and activities that showcase Munch and his artistry. 

So unless you're planning to visit Norway, below is a sneak peak at some of the art featured in Oslo. If you're a fan of Edvard Munch and his evocative art then check out visitoslo.com which features more about this great artist, his life and his works.


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