On This Day (December 6th) - St. Nicholas Day!

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6th December 2013

Celebrated in many parts of Europe, today is St. Nicholas Day. 

In Northern Europe St. Nicholas Day is a big day, with traditional celebrations including gifts left in children’s shoes.

The legendary St. Nicholas of Myra, officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece. During his life he gained a reputation as a bringer of gifts, more precisely by putting coins in people's shoes. This is where the Christmas tradition of putting gifts in boots or shoes came from, also were our version of stocking came from! 

Good children rwould receive treats such as chocolates or sweets, while naughty children would receive lumps of coal. In Germany in particular, children still put a shoe outside their room on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, in hope to find sweets, coins or even a small gift on December 6th. In the Netherlands. children put their shoes in front of the chimney in hopes of finding chocolate or small toys when they awake. 

Both the British Father Christmas and American Santa Claus are legendary figures whose were inspired from the myths surrounding St. Nicholas.

Why not find out where you local Santa's Grotto is this weekend and take your family out for a day with Father Christmas!


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