On This Day (January 1st) - New Year, New Start, New Resolutions

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No matter how manageable they seem our New Year's resolutions tend to wither out and die very, very quickly. Promises to join a gym, start a diet and give up all those bad habits may just make you feel those January blues a little bit more... So why not try something new to boost your happinness and revatalise your life.

Make this year a year to keep those New Year's resolutions by making 2014 different. 

Set yourself a goal, make a plan and stick with it!

If you're stuck for inspiration here's a few ideas to start with and a big Happy New Year to you from Calendar Club UK!

1. Say yes more.

This year widen your horizons and just say yes.

Don't take for granted that you do have a choice and stop boxing yourself in with no after no, enjoy life and take a few chances - you never know what they might bring you!


2. Learn a language.

Learn a few phrases for your next holiday or go the whole way and learn a language complete to fluency.

Even if you think fluency is out of your reach in a short time, you can aim for a pretty good level of the language, enough to communicate basically, or even enough to order from a waiter.

There's loads of ways you can learn - use a programme such as Rosetta Stone, buy or borrow book, learn a phrase a day with one of our calendars, or check out the range of apps available.

Read our Meme Of The Week - Learn Spanish With Cats for a really fun way to reach your goal. 


3. Start exercising.

Exercise doesn't mean you have to live in the gym. It has been proven that just 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week will make you feel healthier, fitter and happier.

Doing small things will make a big difference; take your kids to the park and play, go swimming, go for a walk with the family or dog, cycle or walk to work instead of driving - there's plenty to do. 

Check out Change 4 Life which gives you easy ideas on how to stay active. Or download the "Couch to 5k" app, a 9 week running app which helps you start slowly and build up gradually - you'll be running your first marathon in no time!


4. Read more books!

There are millions of books out there, and there are probably quite a few that you are bound to enjoy.

If you've never picked up a book try it, and don't give up. If you're an avid reader but haven't had the time - make it!

Wind down with a book before bed instead of watching TV or get away from your desk at lunch and have half an hour with a good read. 


5. Learn a new word every day.

Widen your knowledge and impress your friends and family by learning AND using a new word every day.

Pick randomly from the dictionary or use our 365 New Words A Year 2014 Desk Calendar with each new entry including a definition, pronunciation, sample sentence and detailed history of the word.


6. Do a good deed every day.

Give someone a compliment, give up your seat on the bus, buy some flowers for a friend, give your loose change to charity or help your mum do the shopping - there's plenty of selfless acts you can do throughout the year each day and you'll feel better for it too!

If you want to get more hands on there's always need for volunteers throughout many charities.

Check out do-it.org.uk where you can serach for volunteer work by activity or postcode!


7. Cook at home more often. 

Cooking doesn't have to be hard, there's plenty of easy recipe sites; for fussy eaters, for first time cooks, for cooking with children, for special diets, for big families - you'll learn new skills and you'll save yourself money too.

Cooking dinners that are full of goodness will make exploring healthy food an adventure for both you and your kids. 


8. Have more family time.

Make more time for your family this year and promise to do something together at least once a week.

Get fit and healthy together and do a sporty activity, have a games night, have a meal where you all join in with the cooking, have a movie marathon night or do something creative.

Keep changing it up and each week will be more fun than the last!

Check out netmums.com for "Free Family Fun" loads of ideas for fun days out without spending a fortune. 


9. Get organised!

De-clutter your home and your life. Keeping yourself and your family organised doesn't have to be hard work.

Use your diaries and planners, create shopping lists, write down daily to do lists the night before, make a chore list for each day of the week, the options are endless.

Giving yourself an extra few minutes to plan the day or week ahead will save you a lot of hassle in the long run!

If you have a busy family life then check out netmums.com for tips on how to have an organised, happy home!


10. Challenge yourself.

Whether you want to return to work, learn a new skill, do a course at college or university or take on a personal challenge like running a 10k, start by making a plan of what you want to achieve and thinking through how you might get there.

43things.com is the world’s largest goal-setting community, with over 3 million people sharing their goals and cheering each other's progress.

Read "How I Did It" stories and note down each step that gets you closer to reaching your goal.

Join today all for free!


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