On This Day (November 20th) - The Gruffalo Live

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20th November 2013

The Gruffalo at the Lyric Theatre – Opening Night!

Tonight is the opening night of the beloved story The Gruffalo at London’s Lyric Theatre. 

Written by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, the story has been adapted for the stage by Kenny Wax & Nick Brooke of KW & NB Ltd who are well established in bringing children’s theatre to the West End and UK tours. 

The Gruffalo is inspired from a Chinese folklore tale of a fox that borrows the terror of a tiger and follows the story of Mouse through the deep and dark forest.

On his journey, he encounters dangerous animals that would very much like to eat little mouse for tea. Cunningly, Mouse declines the offers of a Fox, Snake and Owl to dine with them, informing them that he has plans with a (fictitious) Gruffalo – half grizzly bear and half buffalo that favours eating the relevant animal.

Much to Mouses surprise, he stumbles across a real Gruffalo! Convincing the Gruffalo that he himself is a feared beast among the forest, the two walk back through the forest, scaring the fox, owl and snake in their tracks.

Impressed at the Mouse’s presence, the Gruffalo is completely unaware of Mouse’s trickery who lives another day, uneaten!

The Gruffalo Live! will be travelling round the UK until next summer.

For more information on dates and tickets, visit the official website, which also has some great children’s activities


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