On This Day ( October 22nd) - Disney's 100 Millionth Visitor!

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October 22nd 1979

Walt Disney World receives its 100 millionth visitor.

At the beginning of October we paid tribute to the opening of Orlando’s Walt Disney World in 1971.

On October 22nd, just 8 years later the theme park received its 100 millionth visitor in 1979. 

8 year-old Kurt Miller from Kingsville, Texas, was the lucky recipient of a lifetime pass to the park!

Awarded by Mickey himself and the Walt Disney World Vice President, Bob Allen. A coveted prize among most children...and many adults I’m sure. 

Millions flock to Disney World year after year and it’s seen vast changes since it’s opening.

The most recent addition to the park has been ‘Fantasyland’. Heavily influenced by The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast it’s filled with magic castles, flowing waterfalls and enchanted forests.

We’re sold! 


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